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Hollensen / Opresnik


A Relationship Perspective

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Erschienen: 23.06.2015

Von: Svend Hollensen und Marc Oliver Opresnik

2nd Edition 2015. XVIII, 502 S.: with numerous figures. PDF
Vahlen ISBN 978-3-8006-4928-0

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Weitere Infos
Das Marketing-Lehrbuch in englischer Sprache, zugeschnitten auf den europäischen Markt. Mit zahlreichen Übungsaufgaben, Vertiefungsfragen, Praxisbeispielen und Fallstudien: “Marketing – A Relationship Perspective” is back for a second edition and continues to set a benchmark for achievement in introductory marketing courses across Europe. It is a comprehensive, broad-based and challenging basic marketing text which describes and analyses the basic concepts and strategic role of marketing and its practical application in managerial decision-making. It integrates the 'new' relationship approach into the traditional process of developing effective marketing plans. The book's structure fits to the marketing planning process of a company. Consequently, the book looks at the marketing management process from the perspective of both relational and transactional approach suggesting that a company should in any case pursue an integrative and situational marketing management approach. Svend Hollensen’s and Marc Opresnik’s holistic approach covers both principles and practices, is drawn in equal measure from research and application, and is an ideal text for students, researchers and practitioners alike.