Foundations of Agricultural Market Analysis and Agricultural Policy


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Analyzing the Agricul­tu­ral Markets successfully.

The long-term bestseller now in English
Published continuously since 1981 the German Book »Grundzüge der landwirtschaftlichen Marktlehre« (Principles of agricultural market analysis and policy) has become the standard textbook for students in agriculture, in agricultural economics in Germany and other German speaking countries. 

Understanding the Agricultural Market
Part One of this book provides the basis for analyzing the specifics of the agricultural sector. These specifics limit the application of plain neoclassical economics, but including institutional and behavioural economics help to bridge the gap between theory and the real world.
Part Two reviews the role of agriculture in the achievement of specific agricultural policy objectives. The economic analysis presented in this book uses a general framework for policy evaluation that can be applied to any country. The second to last chapters focus on the EU.
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