Lewrick / Di Giorgio

Live from Crypto Valley

Blockchain, crypto and the new business ecosystems


Buch. Klappenbroschur


XVII, 169 S. with numerous illustrations.

In englischer Sprache

Vahlen. ISBN 978-3-8006-5952-4

(In Gemeinschaft mit Versus Verlag, Zürich)

Format (B x L): 14,1 x 22,4 cm

Gewicht: 336 g

english edition

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The book offers answers to the most frequently asked questions on blockchain and crypto as well as on key questions for start-ups, investors and established companies in the digital transformation process. Simple explanations and visualizations of complex contexts as well as a proven approach to business ecosystem design make this book unique.

The target groups are entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and software developers, as well as anyone who wants to deal with the topic of blockchain and crypto currencies for the first time.
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